In loving dedication to Dolores Cannon who passed away October 18, 2014 


Dolores Cannon was my first teacher within the field of past life regression. Her inspiring work guided me into the field of  Quantum time-travelling. Our consciousness is all we need to explore the experiences of our soul and to create our present.

Since her passing, I have developed my own unique way to explore past and future lives. It was Candace Craw-Goldman who paved the way for many practitioners to find their unique path within Quantum Healing. 

My goal is to help people to expand awareness and explore consciousness. 
During my near-death experience, I discovered we are all one, connected by love. It is with this energy of love that I hope to help others find answers.

My first book on Quantum Healing is now published in Englisch and Dutch. It is available on Amazon.com  

I am very proud that Candace Craw - Goldman has written the foreword.

De Nederlandse versie is nu ook in Nederland verkrijgbaar via www.boekenbestellen.nl  Klik op de afbeelding om hier naar toe te gaan.