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Water Wisdom

We are here because of water

Waters on this planet; oceans, water sources and water inside flora and fauna are polluted. We are all connected by water, now we unite for water, together we find solutions.

Our mission is to purify and vitalize our internal and planetary waters. Ancient mystics called it “Doing the Great Work”, creating a life fulfilled with meaning. We do this through providing a diverse ecosystem of tools to work locally and have impact globally.


Dr Gerald Pollack

Dr Gerald Pollack discovered that water has a fourth phase, called EZ water.

dr gerald pollack.jpg

Water Blessings

Together with my dear friend Elizabeth van den Dries, we offer water blessings in service to Mother Earth and our oceans, rivers, lakes and internal water.  Water unites us and when we heal the water within, we help to heal the water around us.


Water and Music

The Waterblessing song by Nalini Blossom

nalini blossom.jpg

Dr Mauro Zappaterra

Dr Mauro Zappaterra talks about Cerebrospinal Fluid and how this internal water can be influenced by meditation.

dr mauro zappaterra.jpg
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