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You can visit my YouTube channel, “Quantum Healing for All ”.

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Interview with David Miller and Elisha Hoogduin

I am honoured to have two special guests. David K Miller from Phoenix USA, has written 17 books with channelled information from the Arcturians. David has started groups of Fourty and his mission is to create Cities of Light. Elisha Hoogduin has started an Arcturian Earth school in the Netherlands.

visit their websites at: and Elisha's website:


My interview with Jayne turned into a DNA activation

Jayne Chilkes is an energy healer and soul channel. She is the author of 4 books. In this episode, Jayne is sharing a DNA activation and a channelling. Patricia immediately feels how this meeting was part of some events that happened recently. This video offers you the chance to join in this wonderful activation.

You can find Jayne on: and you can find her courses on Etsy and Udemy:



Interview with Harry Kroner

In this episode, I'm talking with Quantum healer and author Harry Kroner, who has a master's in psychology. Harry talks about his book Freedom from Anxiety.

A  conversation with Mario Radinger, who published his book Soul Journeys.

A conversation with Quantum Healer Barbara Becker about her book ' Enclosure '

A conversation with Diana and Donna, who have written amazing books under DD Adair's pen name.  

A conversation with Dr Allison Brown about her book the Journey Within. 


Interview with Cate Reidy

In this episode, I have a special guest who is an astrologer and psychic medium. Cate Reidy is based in the UK and in this interview we talk about astrology and the 12th house, where Cate is sharing fascinating insights on ancestral influences and much more. 

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