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Ocean of Love, Quantum Healing for All

It takes a village to raise a child, is a quote I often thought of while raising my children.

This book, 'Ocean of Love' is also like a child that has grown beneath my heart. Now it is ready to come out and be shared with the world.

This book could grow slowly and steady because it was nurtured by three women who worked from the heart and could easily tune into the soul of this book that wanted to be born. My guides have been patient with me and sent me a team who understood exactly what I wanted to share with the public. It takes kindred spirits to do that, soul sisters.

The Universe also put my attention to an amazing artist Lloyd Canning who had just created a painting called 'Inner Earth while I was writing my chapter 'Maria and the Inner Earth'. He had painted exactly what I had seen time and time before while tuning into the Inner Earth.

In so many ways, finishing this book Ocean of Love made me realise I have been prepared for many years to write this. Even the message I received from Gandhi many years ago, it all made sense while I was finishing the last chapters.

This book shares stories from the soul level. It can not be grasped with the analytical mind. When we read it with an open mind, an intention to listen with the heart and accept that reality is much more then we can observe, we can let the knowledge and wisdom from the soul fill us. This brings us in a deeper connection with the essence of creation, the Ocean of Love.

I have realised so often that a session not only brings healing for the individual, but it moves like a ripple through the sea of collective consciousness and brings healing to those who resonate with it. Reading the stories within 'Ocean of Love', may have a similar effect. Should you experience anything like this after reading, please let me know and contact me through the form on this website or by email:

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