Testimonials  QHHT

`I am incredibly thankful to Patricia and would highly recommend her for a QHHT session. Her dedication, professionalism and her spirit through this healing session enabled me to get some long awaited answers and healing. I felt safe and supported through this process. It is an unforgettable experience, and I recommend to anyone who is looking for answers and healing. Enjoy! `


"Immens dank voor een absolute topprestatie ! Blessings ! "


" Dank je wel voor de begeleiding en de zorgvuldige manier waarop je me bij mezelf liet komen.Tijdens de sessie is mijn diepste ware zelf duidelijk geworden."

Bart D

`Ik heb twee keer een sessie bij Patricia mogen ondergaan. En ik was onder de indruk van de beelden die tevoorschijn kwamen tijdens de sessie. Ze brachten mij op plekken waar nog heling nodig was en gaven me inzicht en richting. 
Ook was ik ontroerd omdat ik mensen zag die veel voor me betekenden en nog betekenen !
Tijdens de sessie voelde ik me veilig door de professionele en liefdevolle begeleiding van Patricia Grootjans.
Voor Patricia is dit een missie die ze met grote toewijding uitvoert. "


" De sessie gaf een bevestiging van waar ik sta .Je bent zo lief, geduldig en wijs. Dank voor een bijzondere ervaring." 

Tineke, België

Connection and new technique
My name is Kris and till now I have had two sessions with Patricia, the first one is already one and a half year ago. I had already experiences with (self) hypnosis, and I was even brought back to previous (or parallel) lives, but the session with Patricia was a complete new experience. Before our first session, even before she met me, she received information about me which afterwards proved very important. This shows how connected she is. Her QHHT sessions where all well prepared, and she takes the time to ask and listen to all the questions and answers, and without going in detail, it contained a whole lot of useful information, whereby I learned a great deal about myself and creation. When I went back the second time, that’s now already nine months ago, the experience was even better! Patricia is now working on her own technique which works very well. I suppose you can read all about it in the book that she is writing. Very important and interesting to mention is the fact that she also Channels. She was willing to channel for me after my second session, and I was very surprised to learn that it was Dolores self who came through! Dolores had very interesting advice for both Patricia and me, and she insisted me to tell Patricia that she was on the right path with the development of Her Own new technique!!! Love and light,

Great session with a lovely lady
Because I couldn't find a English speaking therapist in Lisbon (POR) who felt right to me, I looked for therapists in my home country the Netherlands. Patricia stood out to me when I was looking at the Dutch therapists, so I wrote her an email. First Patricia gave me the name of an Australian colleague who lives in Lisbon. With her I also didn't feel a connection. The fact that Patricia turned away the business so that it would be less expensive for me, strengthened my believe that I made the right choice with Patricia. From the moment that Patricia picked me up at the train station I had a good feeling about her. During the interview I really could say what was on my mind and didn't have the feeling that I had to censor myself. Also during the QHHT session I felt very comfortable. After the session Patricia said that if Dolores Cannon had witnessed the session, she would have said that it was a session that went by the book. Thank you, Patricia!

Michael, Lisbon

Testimonials  ASTROLOGY

" The reading has given me hope .I look at my future with optimism ,now I have found a deeper understanding of my past and present. "
"Wat ben ik blij met de reading. Ik herken mezelf er helemaal in. Dank je dat je me ruimte gaf voor mijn vragen."